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Upasampada for Santacārī Bhikkhunī Santacārī’s Bhikkhunī Ordination Sunday September 4th 2016

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Excerpted from the website of Dahkhini Dhammatthala

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Ayya Santacārī  was fortunate to be able to have her Bhikkhunī ordination Upasampada Sunday, September 4, after which she was  “ordained on one side.” Thus after the new bhikkhunīs have received a one-sided ordination by the Bhikkhunī Sangha, they next will travel to a bhikkhu monastery, and request and receive the confirmation and completion of their ordination from the Bhikkhu Sangha, at which point they will have received the complete Dual Ordination.


It was a very special and moving ceremony in the Big Cave at Santi Forest Monastery in NSW Australia. Theravada Bhikkhunī Upasampada is very rare and to have this ceremony in the sacred environment of such a beautiful cave was unique and awe inspiring. Everyone felt touched deeply by such a breath taking experience. So many present had tears in their eyes and even running down their faces or into the tissues.


Santacārī was one of three candidates for ordination, and she was so happy to share this blessed occasion with  Ayya Vajirā and Ayya Dhammavatī.


For this special day, seven Theravadā Bhikkhunīs gathered together to enact this special “Sangha Kamma” or community action. Two very senior Australian Mahayana Bhikkhunīs honoured us with their presence.  Senior Theravada Bhikkhunī Viditadhamma [Ven Lieu Phap] from Vietnam graced us with her grounded presence and kindly undertook the role of Preceptor or Pavattinī.


At the beginning of the ceremony, three samaneri candidates waited in a small antechamber of the cave while the Bhikkhunīs began the chanting of the Sangha Kamma.


Then they were called to approach the Sangha. With their offering trays in hand, the candidates pause at the entrance, ask for permission to enter, and ask forgiveness for any faults.


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