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Issue No. 8 Fall 2015


Rita Gross

Remembering Rita Gross

Contribute to the next issue of American Buddhist Women, Winter 2016, a Special issue devoted to:  Remembering Rita Gross. If you would like to contribute an article about how Rita's life and work impacted your own, please email us as soon as possible at:  Articles may be 300 to 1000 words and the deadline is January 15.


Book Reviewers Needed

Volunteers are needed to review new books relevant to American Buddhist women. If you are interested in writing reviews for this publication, please email us at:


Sakyadhita USA Conference Coming in 2017

SUSA is gearing up to hold its first conference in Spring 2017. Please consider volunteering to be on one of the planning committees. This conference will take place on the west coast but the exact location is not yet determined. It will be a one-day conference with a panel of speakers and related workshops. The theme is not yet decided. Most of the planning will be done remotely. So if you would like to serve on a committee, you will be able to do so no matter where you live. We will especially need volunteers with computer and Internet skills, and with writing or organizing experience. But even without experience, volunteers are welcome to join and learn. Meetings will probably be held online via Skype or Google Hangout.  SUSA Vice President Elise DeVido will serve as Chair of the conference effort. If you are interested in helping to plan and organize this conference, please email


Diverse Contributers Invited

We want to again invite women (including trans) members of diverse communities to contribute to American Buddhist Women. If you are a member of an African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latina American or LGBTQ, or other minority community, or if you are a member of an ethnically Buddhist community, and identify as a dharma practitioner in any tradition, and if you have an interest in contributing to American Buddhist Women, please email the editors at:

Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Dharma and Direct Action at the Whitehouse

Rev. Koji Dreher and Rev. Michaela O'Connor Bono, resident priests at Mid City Zen Center, New Orleans, LA. Rev. Michaela is a SUSA founder and board member.

NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS  — Dharma & Direct Action Training, November 14-15 at Mid City Zen Center

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship sponsored a weekend intensive on Dharma & Direct Action, aimed at building concrete skills for compassionate confrontation. "In a world tormented by racism, sexism, climate disasters, economic oppression, and more," activists came together "to learn how to develop inspiring responses guided by spiritual wisdom, political awareness, and a bodhisattva’s vow for collective liberation." Sakyadhita USA board member Rev. Michaela O'Connor Bono serves as a priest at the Mid City Zen Center, New Orleans.


Read more about the training at:


Sakyadhita USA Encouraging Inclusion Across American Buddhisms

SUSA is the USA National Branch of Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women

Sakyadhita USA

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