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Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery

In the Sierra foothills of California

Saranaloka Foundation,


"We are currently developing a rural monastery where women can live and train as nuns and the lay community can stay and practice.

We welcome your visit!"


Dhammadharini Sonoma Mountain Bhikkhunī Monastery

At the western foot of Sonoma Mountain, midway between the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento & Dhammadharini's forest hermitage on the Sonoma Coast.


After 10 years of preparations, Dhammadharini Support Foundation has purchased monastery property for our Bhikkhunī Sangha to put down deep roots in this land, that will offer:


~ a space of refuge, sanctuary & practice for those inspired to fully live the monastic path,

~ a place where aspirants can explore monastic life, learn, train & ordain,

~ a place where lay friends of the Sangha can visit or stay for periods of immersion, sanctuary & service,

~ a place accessible for Dhamma teaching & alms rounds.


Mahapajapati Monastery


Mahapajapati Monastery (pronounced muh-HA-puh-JAH-puh-tee) is a meditation monastery for women dedicated to living the Buddha's teachings. We are a monastic and contemplative community in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, and as such, we value both solitude and social harmony. We invite you to share in our simple, quiet life of practice and study.


The monastery is in Pioneertown, California, north of Palm Springs, on eighty acres of high desert. Founded in 2007 by Therese Duchesne, Mahapajapati Monastery has been under the guidance of Ayya Gunasari Bhikkhunī as abbess and spiritual director since that time.


The monastery's primary purpose is to give women the opportunity to ordain as bhikkhunīs—fully ordained Buddhist nuns—and to practice in accordance with the Dhamma and the rules of monastic discipline taught by the Buddha over 2,500 years ago.


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