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Issue No. 7, Summer 2015

I have participated in six Sakyadhita International Conferences since 2000. Each time I learn so much from the panels, discussion sessions, workshops, performances and cultural tours, and I truly cherish meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Yet the 14th Sakyadhita International Conference held in Yogyakarta was especially memorable, not only because of the beautiful location and the magnificent sites/sights of the Borobudur region, but also because I had the privilege to meet so many talented and dedicated Buddhists from the United States. Around fifty people attended the three get-togethers held by Sakyadhita USA.

Three young Buddhist women at the 14th Sakyadhita International Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. From the left: Allison Devine, Ganga Devi, Victoria Carodine.

These gatherings generated great ideas and lots of energy. I had warm and informative conversations during mealtimes and on the cultural tours with you. Thank you all! Here is a sampling of your suggestions, comments and questions:


  • Recruit young American Buddhists
  • Set up sub-groups of SUSA to concentrate on building connections in one region
  • Can SUSA connect with a Buddhist community? The Thai immigrant community in Southern California, for example?
  • Set up SUSA scholarships for American nuns, young Buddhists, etc
  • SUSA could sponsor/”adopt” a temple or sangha
  • Have SUSA representatives attend various Buddhist meetings in the US
  • Reach out to Buddhist women in the arts
  • What are SUSA’s fundraising efforts?
  • Can SUSA offer institutional membership?


During our SUSA get-togethers in Yogyakarta, many people expressed interest in SUSA holding a conference in the U.S. on the theme of "Race and Buddhism," perhaps in 2016. For this effort, SUSA will need your ideas and your help. You will soon receive a survey in your email to assess interest, possible support, and most importantly, hands willing to do the work of organizing a conference. When you receive the survey, please reply as soon as possible.


“Compassion and Social Justice!” Let’s keep the Yogya Spirit going in the USA!

Elise A. DeVido

Elise Anne DeVido received her doctorate in History and Asian Languages from Harvard University. She lived in Taiwan for a number of years and there she served as Secretary-General of the Taipei Ricci Institute, and taught history at National Chengchi University and at National Taiwan Normal University. She has published works on women and gender in Chinese and in Vietnamese Buddhism; on the transnational Buddhist revivals of the early twentieth century; and on Engaged Buddhism. SUNY Press published her book, Taiwan’s Buddhist Nuns, in 2010. She is currently a visiting professor of history at Duke Kunshan University in China.


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