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Issue No. 12 Fall 2016

Venerable Hau Tran was ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1997 at Quan Am temple in Danang City, Vietnam.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language from Danang University, a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from University of the West, and is currently earning a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Religious Studies at University of the West.


A Poem

by Hau Tran


Snow lion woman:


Steep hill


Cold mountain


Blurring shadow


Remote cave holding solitary sound


Lonely Lady


Chasing the liberated soul


After falling to women, falling to forbiddance


She flies high after many deaths


Lands on the conception cloud


Across ignorance — the suffering oceans


Smashes the image of hierarchy with her only hammer,


the unsurpassed discernment and immeasurable compassion


Tsogyel, the accomplished meditator on the mountain's summit regardless of its height


Tsogyel the housewife of freedom


Tsogyel the resolute spirit of all "low-birth"


Tsogyel, the snow lady who rides the snow lion


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