Electronic Journal from Sakyadhita USA

Issue No. 7, Summer 2015

This is the first issue of American Buddhist Women (ABW) in it's new format, with its own website ( and in "responsive" design. "Responsive" design means that the articles can be read on any device, on any size screen: any desktop, any tablet, and any cell phone.


This change is honestly long overdue. Last year, when Issue No. 2 was launched, I got the first email complaining that the frustrated reader was not able to read the ABW issue on her cell phone in its then PDF format. Over the year, I have received the same feedback from a few other readers. I felt really bad about it, and began right away to plan to revise the format to "responsive" design. It's taken a year, but at last here we are!!


Not every Buddhist practitioner, whether layperson or monastic, has a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet. But many, if not most, personally have at least a cell phone. Many people have two or all three devices for their use. Now, wherever you are, with whatever platform or size device you are using, you will be able to read the articles of American Buddhist Women. Along with the breadth and quality of the articles, we are very proud to make this possible for ABW's dedicated readers. Just visit the website:


The next big thing Sakyadhita USA members and supporters can watch for it the redesign of the entire Sakyadhita USA website in the "responsive" format. Until then, the SUSA website is still not very friendly to cell phone screens, but please bear with us and visit, using your tablet or desktop devices, to get SUSA updates on our activities at




Charlotte Collins

SUSA President

Sakyadhita USA Encouraging Inclusion Across American Buddhisms

SUSA is the USA National Branch of Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women

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