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Issue No. 9 Winter 2016



Opportunities to Assist in A Groundbreaking

Project on Women in Buddhist Teachings

Allison Goodwin, the author of Right View, Red Rust, and White Bones:  A Reexamination of Buddhist Teachings on Female Inferiority, calls for assistance with a groundbreaking project.  She has assembled the best scholarly writings with evidence that the negative Buddhist teachings about women (and discriminatory rules that limit them) are harmful and contradict the Dharma. This project’s goal is to effect the inclusion of these materials into the curricula of Tibetan universities and Buddhist colleges, and provide the impetus for a conference with Tibetan Buddhist leaders, senior teachers, and leading experts.


A prominent Buddhist academy in Nepal has agreed to translate these writings into Tibetan. Going forward, the project seeks advice and assistance in the following ways:


1. Donations of any size.  Arrangements can be made for large donations to go directly to the translators—a registered non-profit in Nepal.

2. Find a fiscal sponsor that is a registered non-profit in the US so that contributions could be tax deductible.

3. Legal advice on how to form a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

4. Assistance in, or advice on, identifying funding sources and applying for grants, approaching potential donors, and writing grant proposals.

5. Volunteers who are sufficiently fluent in Tibetan and English to read excerpts from the Tibetan Kangyur and Tengyur (and the English translations of their parallels) to help verify the Tibetan parallels to the citations of Pali and other sutras in the articles.

6. Legal advice relating to international publication.

7. Advice on, and help with, the layout of a Tibetan eBook and bilingual eBook suitable for online distribution—and help with layout in a format(s) that would serve as the basis for a print version.


If you have suggestions or advice, would like to volunteer time or other resources, or know someone who could help—with this or future translation projects—please write to Allison Goodwin at


Book Reviewers Needed

Volunteers are needed to review new books relevant to American Buddhist women. If you are interested in writing reviews for this publication, please email us at:


Sakyadhita USA Conference Coming in 2017

SUSA is gearing up to hold its first conference in Spring 2017. Several readers have already volunteered for which we are very grateful. I you haven't already, please consider volunteering to be on one of the planning committees. This conference will take place on the west coast but the exact location is not yet determined. It will be a one-day conference with a panel of speakers and related workshops. The theme is not yet decided. Most of the planning will be done remotely. So if you would like to serve on a committee, you will be able to do so no matter where you live. We will especially need volunteers with computer and Internet skills, and with writing or organizing experience. But even without experience, volunteers are welcome to join and learn. Meetings will probably be held online via Skype or Google Hangout.  SUSA Vice President Elise DeVido will serve as Chair of the conference effort. If you are interested in helping to plan and organize this conference, please email


Diverse Contributers Invited

We want to again invite women (including trans) members of diverse communities to contribute to American Buddhist Women. If you are a member of an African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latina American or LGBTQ, or other minority community, or if you are a member of an ethnically Buddhist community, and identify as a dharma practitioner in any tradition, and if you have an interest in contributing to American Buddhist Women, please email the editors at:


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